"The thing I like most about the Connecting teachers is that they make me think." 
Agustin Oña  | Student at Jovita's English Center


"I’ve learned so much about myself, about a different culture and about different people. I am looking forward to incorporating the things I have learned when I go back home".
Kyle Maloy | Wake Forest University


"The program has shifted what I want to do with my life".
Nash Willis | University of Georgia


Upon leaving her Argentine town. "It’s funny to think that just 4 months ago I did not know what my town or my family in Argentina would be like and now I consider it to be my  home".  
Treacy Weldon | University of Iowa | Teach for America


"Now I know what kind of family I want to have".
Julius Walter Lynch | Australia


"I found it very easy to become a part of the community in Vicuña Mackenna. The people here are very inviting and accommodating. The families of Sagrada Familia School helped me settle in and always offered their homes to me, invited me to drink mate or have dinner".
Will Filken | Wake Forest University


"Molly Kirkpatrick's biggest contribution is that there are no longer any xenophobic feelings in our town. They now realize that all people are basically the same".  
Maria Ines Gamboa | School in Province of La Pampa


"I participated in Connecting Schools to the World in the year 2006 and have been using Spanish in my jobs ever since then".
Chris Castleberry | Rhodes College.

more testimonials can also be seen on youtube...